by Dolores Catherino

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Duration - expressing the mysterious process which lies between the measured data points used in scientifically describing motion, time, space, mind etc. A temporal gestalt existing beyond the conceptual 'collapsing' of dynamic process into a succession of static measurements in numerical language; where the 'shell' (appearance) becomes increasingly clarified while the core (essence) becomes increasingly obscured.

The idea of 'duration' as a continuous, integrated process hints at aspects and qualities which are closer to the realm of art and musical expression; a perspective fundamentally different from, yet complementary to, modern quantitative and mechanistic perspectives.

On a deeper level, 'duration' demonstrates a characteristic of any language, in which the advances and limitations of understanding are bounded by the unique structure and assumptions of each. Each language represents a partial perspective, illuminating certain aspects while, at the same time, concealing and distorting others.

The subject/predicate structure of language conceptually collapses 'duration' into a sort of temporal ’ether’ within which time points/waves are measured/propagated.

Aural resolution: 72 edo (equal divisions of the octave)
global reference pitch: Ay=432Hz
more information: dolorescatherino.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/dolomuse/

You can find my TEDx talk on Polychromatic Music posted at www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJbS...


released March 9, 2017




Dolores Catherino Alaska

Dolores Catherino is a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist exploring the frontiers of the electronic avant- garde.

Her TEDx talk on Music of the Future:

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