'PolyTonal Resonance'

by Dolores Catherino

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PolyTonal - utilizing juxtaposed 'pitch color' harmony/key centers in a tonal (vs atonal) manner. Polytonality is conventionally seen either as superimposed triadic key centers (D/C), or as extended triadic harmonies within a single key center (C major13 #11). The 'key centers' of the chromatic paradigm are reconceptualized here as intervallic pitch colors blended into composite and dynamic (interactively changing over time) harmonic structures. That is, tonality, from the perspective of an additional dimension of microtonal pitch color (polychromatic) relationships.

Resonance - harmonic pitch color combinations initiating an internal sense of physical vibratory/oscillatory movement, in addition to an auditory perception of moving, multidimensional sound 'shapes'.

An exploration of combinations and contrasts of microtonal (chromatic paradigm: static, fixed, linear intervallic relationships) and polychromatic (nonlinear, dynamic, contextually relative intervallic relationships) musical languages.

Focus the listening on the dynamic, multidimensional aural shapes and physically sense/feel the resonant oscillations propagated from within the harmonic structures, projected outward and resonantly interacting.

Listen beyond conventional tonal harmonic forms toward a conception of interacting pitch 'color blends' and the multidimensional, dynamic aural 'shapes'.

A musical intention of exemplifying an awareness of an immense aesthetic and physical complexity within the phenomena of sound vibration.

An expanded way of aesthetically listening, immersively integrated with physical (resonant, oscillatory) and emotional feeling/sensation.

The final chord is intended not as a concluding resolution, but as an invitation to continue the journey...

more information: dolorescatherino.com

Video performance available on YouTube. Polychromatic score and audio files are available on website. Aural resolution: 106 pitches per octave.


released May 8, 2015




Dolores Catherino Alaska

Dolores Catherino is a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist exploring the frontiers of the electronic avant- garde.

Her TEDx talk on Music of the Future:

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