'Temporal Parallax'

by Dolores Catherino

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'Temporal Parallax' ... expanding expressive dimensions in auditory spacetime.

TEMPORAL in the sense of auditory phenomena and perception.
PARALLAX - a difference in aural 'appearance' depending on the observer's perceptual position (perspective shift).

A musical endeavor to present increasingly complex auditory multidimensionality to the receptive mind. An evolution in musical consciousness.

A composition intended to facilitate an expanding perception of the dynamic interrelationships and interplay of micropitches and extended harmonics. All expressed as evolving aural 'shapes', 'textures' and complex emotional 'colors'.

Metaphorically, listen for a 3-D to 2-D aural 'collapse' and distinct dimensional contrast between final resolving chords.

An insight based on an analogy to the evolution of visual intelligence, within the context of painting conception/perception from flat 2-D representation to 3-D perspective. A long neglected development in aural intelligence within our visually dominant culture.

aural resolution: 106 pitches per octave (106ET)

more information: dolorescatherino.com

Video performance available on YouTube. Polychromatic music score and audio file are available for download on website. Also, a reduced speed MP3 download is now available to enhance an initial awareness and perception of these expansive aural phenomena.

Looking forward to a future possibility of capturing increasingly sophisticated polychromatic and extended harmonic (overtones) 'shapes/colors' as digital 'audio resolution' encoding/decoding technology improves in recording and audio compression formats. And also, to the possibility of rudimentary visual rendering of these dynamic multidimensional aspects of auditory perception.


released January 3, 2014




Dolores Catherino Alaska

Dolores Catherino is a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist exploring the frontiers of the electronic avant- garde.

Her TEDx talk on Music of the Future:

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