'Toward the Continuum', 2nd iteration

by Dolores Catherino

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An example of a 21st century transition from MONOCHROMATIC music systems (combinations and contrasts of black and white with static, absolute, linear pitch and intervallic relationships) to a POLYCHROMATIC paradigm (encompassing higher-resolution, 'aural color' pitch gradation systems with dynamic, relative, nonlinear and/or linear pitch color interrelationships).

Technological advances in musical hardware and software design have enabled vast development possibilities in the creation of new musical languages that cultivate our high levels of auditory discrimination (high-resolution hearing) and nonlinear characteristics of hearing (pitch/intervallic relativity, interactive harmonics, dynamic 'shape/texture' dimensionality);

...in contrast to current music systems which compromise our highly sensitive auditory perceptual abilities within simple, low-resolution, linear musical languages.

Aural resolution: 106 pitches per octave.

A microtonal 'bridge' composition attempting to convey an overlapping aesthetic intersection between a progressive extreme of conventional concepts/practices and a conservative extreme of radical innovation. A use of conventional melodic/harmonic structures, within an expanded, 'higher resolution', microtonal context.

Presenting an example of the transient outer reaches (and starting point) of the perception/conception of an immense musical universe; just beneath the surface of complacent convention...

An increasingly comprehensive context of understanding 'Art' as an integral process in conscious evolution.

Seeking via the strengths of auditory awareness, to present new experiences, challenges and innovations from which to expand awareness. New dimensions of understanding which have been perceptually inaccessible, except through aural experience.

A process facilitated by the presentation of 'aesthetic perceptual challenges' by which to catalyze our latent capacities to experience, understand, integrate and develop Gestalt awareness.

And an ongoing struggle with presenting intuitive ideas in discursive language; within which, any attempt toward increasing expressive clarity, paradoxically becomes more abstract and difficult to understand (obscured in complexity). An expressive process in such striking distinction to a wholistic intuitive sense of dynamic, complex structure, insights and ideas existing beyond linguistic words/symbols.

... leading us back to understanding Artistic creations as expressive exemplars (hints, intimations) of elements/essences of experience that are linguistically inexpressible.

More information: dolorescatherino.com

Video performance available on YouTube. Polychromatic musical score and audio files are available for download on website. Open invitation extended to creative editing, remix and modification.


released September 12, 2012




Dolores Catherino Alaska

Dolores Catherino is a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist exploring the frontiers of the electronic avant- garde.

Her TEDx talk on Music of the Future:

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